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Sadly, Imaginable:Origins is Closing Down

To Artists:

Unfortunately, I am ceasing production of my Imaginable:Origins online magazine.

Oddly enough, it is not due to any lack of passion or drive on my part. Quite frankly, I was enjoying the work involved, and enjoying corresponding with artists from all over the globe.

However, for some reason, it was becoming difficult to get enough submissions from the worldwide community of artists--a fact I find very strange.

Look, I tried to do a good thing here: offering artists a different kind of venue to showcase their works and explain them. But I fear that amongst the noise of the internet, where artists have countless options for displaying their works, my little endeavour was just too little.

To the artists who did contribute works to Imaginable:Origins, I thank you and hope that you found some measure of pride in being included. Keep up your good works. You are all very talented.

Sean David Wright

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