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Are you a Stormtrooper? Maybe you're Captain Phasma! Or do you see yourself as the Dark Lord of the Sith?

This is a truly unique gift the Star Wars fan in your life will cherish forever!

Choose your favorite masked Star Wars character and artist Sean David Wright will hand draw your portrait, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art revealing you to be the person behind the mask!

The finished artwork will be printed on canvas and sent to you. All you  have to do is select the canvas size (prices vary)

How it works:

  • Simply choose a masked Star Wars character. There are several to choose from currently, and more will be added soon.

  • Send Sean a photograph of yourself

Each portrait is HAND-DRAWN, therefore it takes several days to produce one. It is truly an original work of art! 



  • Emperor's Royal Guard

  • Biker Scout

  • Snowtrooper

  • Boushh

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