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This is the ultimate gift for the sports and sci-fi fan!

Artist Sean David Wright will create a personalized version of his mega popular “Take No Prisoners” Stormtrooper helmet, using your face, revealing you to the be the ruthless man or woman driving your team to victory!

Here's how it works! When you order...

  • Simply tell us the team you support

  • Then, send a good headshot* of yourself (or your husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, uncle…) and Sean will hand-draw your portrait, incorporating it into the bloodied Stormtrooper helmet!**



*Guidelines for taking a good headshot:         

  • Take the photo from neck up, showing the entire head

  • ·Make sure the subject is looking squarely into the camera, not sideways

  • Keep the head level and flat, not inclined up or down

  • Make sure the subject is well-lit

  • Make sure the eyes are open

**Each portrait is HAND-DRAWN, therefore it takes several days to produce one. It is truly an original work of art! Order yours now before the list gets too long!

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